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Kirk’s kindness . . . Entertainer continues to give time, money and energy









CAFA 2020

In 2020 is the time to seek out constructive and meaningful places to be; last weekend answered this call to a T.

Exquisite hand-painted art done by Barbadians and residents of neighboring countries, states and islands, such as Guyana, Puerto Rico, United States and Haiti, exhibited cultural passion, ambience and creativity honed around the world.

Sculptors of wood art also took the opportunity to join in the display in perfectly lit rooms, to create an exceptional photographic experience for all videographers and media personnel in attendance.

Director of the CAFA Festival & Gala, Mr. Anderson Worrell, when engaged about the arts event showed   humility, peace and appreciation to the number of persons who showed up for the event in which he created the platform for the arts, craft and organic vendors, and expressed their genuine appreciation for the spotlight shed upon such talent. The event, which took place on Wednesday, 11th March to Sunday, 15th March, 2020, was an awe-inspiring event that we at CaribVoiceRadio believe should continue to showcase raw artistic talent in the form of paintings, dance, sculpting and fashion.

In attendance were some Barbadian cultural stalwarts, such as Richard Stoute who is known to cultivate musical talent from Barbadians as young as 15 years of age.

We will see you in 2021 for another arts-inspired year!



“Following the Prime Minister’s March 16, 2020  request to postpone all social gatherings with 100 people or more for three months, and the subsequent announcement today of two confirmed cases of COVID-19 on the island, FAS Promotions, the promoters of the Barbados Reggae Festival, will no longer host the festival  from April 24th -28th, 2020.


 In light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, FAS Promotions is committed to adhering to the government-instructed precautions to keep our island safe.  As always, we are committed to keeping the best interests of our supporters, artistes, employees and fellow Barbadians a priority. 

<br /> We will announce new dates for the Barbados Reggae Festival 2020 at a later time once there is more information available as to when the world will resume normal activity.   We appreciate your support during this difficult period and pray for your safety at this time.  We urge everyone to follow the guidelines to avoid contracting COVID-19.

Ticket holders should retain their tickets as they will remain valid for the new event dates later this year. Visit the event website at www.barbadosreggaefestival.com or follow social media pages for updates as the FAS Promotions team continue to monitor the progress of this situation.”


Media Relations

The Barbados Reggae Festival


U.S. and abroad SCREENINGS OF “JOSEPH”, THE MOVIE <br /> are postponed due to the Coronavirus





 This year is CENSUS 2020!  Stand and be counted as Caribbean in America. 

It is as simple as A-B-C

A. Admit to your race by selecting the box you most identify with  

B. Below this  box, write in your country of origin or heritage 

C. Complete a a form for each person in your household 

Really… It is a simple as A-B-C

Stand and be Counted as CARIBBEAN in AMERICA!



Join us in Washington DC this JUNE for the Caribbean Days on Capitol Hill 




The Institute of Caribbean Studies<br /> 1629 K  Street, NW Suite 300<br /> Washington, DC 20006<br /> T: 202-638-0460<br /> www.icsdc.org<br /> “Advancing The Interest of Caribbean Americans”Celebrate JUNE…. National Caribbean American Heritage Month,,<br /> www.caribbeanamericanmonth,orgHold the date:  November 20, 2020<br /> 27th Annual Caribbean American Heritage Awards GALA<br /> www.caribbeanheritageawards.org





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